There is something about an open-world game. One that is about surviving when things seem to be all against you. Sometimes it can seem like your all alone and sometimes you come across other players to make it feel more like a community. But does developer FunLabs bring the fun of survival with zombies that Smartly Dressed Games created for PC to the PlayStation? Let’s find out with UNTURNED for the PlayStation 4.

UNTURNED is an open-world survival sandbox game where assume the role of a survivor, dropped into the zombie-infested ruins of modern day society, and must work with friends and forge alliances to remain among the living. It will be your job to search for any supplies that you can find such as clothes, food, and weapons. When you first enter a game, you have no clothes whatsoever. So you will be running around not only trying to find ways that you can survive, but with no clothes on even when you don’t get to close to the zombies, they will still have this look like they are even confused why you are here with no clothes.

The supplies can be anywhere on the map. From buildings, to the streets, to even zombies you kill. But you have to be careful not to get too close to any zombies are they will come and expect to dine on you. So sneaking around is probably your best best unless you want to challenge fate and hopes that your running will out last not only the zombies, but your energy and stamina to even run will last as well.

After picking a map from sizes of medium and large with some being farms or cities for you to explore. So when you very first start out, UNTURNED gives you a tutorial of how to move and survive in your new surroundings. Weapons and materials you find can be crafted as well as learning new skills such as Sharpshooter that stabilizes recoil and increases accuracy and even Cardio to have quicker stamina and oxygen regeneration.

If you happen to die in UNTURNED, you can respawn, but you will start with nothing. So use what you have and what you learned to your advantage. The key thing about this game that you will want to do and probably spend most of your time is crafting. From building shelter from wood that you chop to making weapons. But one of the things I did like is how you can customize and make it your own within the limits of the game.

What I found was that playing single player, for me, was just ok. It really serves as getting your feet wet and getting used to everything including driving and flying vehicles (yes, driving and flying vehicles are a blast) that you can use to run over zombies. But where it starts to get some of the fun added is in multiplayer. Here you have a variety of servers to select from on different regions or make your own server and hopes others will join. But that fun can also turn into not so much fun when you join servers and some other players are using language and I am not talking the occasionally bad ones, but when racial words are used (not towards me, but just being said) that’s when I will exit the server and even stopped playing the game for a while. It is not the developer’s fault per se, but I do wish there was more a way of filtering out the negativity.

When I did find a server that was decent and finally came across some people, I was able to find some weapons, clothes, supplies, but then it was that one person who had a chainsaw who was attacking everyone. Great, time to respawn with nothing. But I and others met up with them, and it was some sweet fun revenge. But it’s when you join a server stating it has more than enough people and not finding them and it seems like it’s taking longer and longer to get situated and find your niche.

There were some issues that I did come across. The graphics did have some tearing even on a PS4 Pro. Which for a game that is not so much about detail and to struggle at certain times, has me hoping that a patch or two will come. There was also some delay at times when trying to use my weapon which either did not go as planned or was what seemed to be too slow as well as I experienced this with some movements as well.

I know on the PC side of things, UNTURNED is free along with different mods that have new places and weapons along with a lot more players. Hopefully, those mods and levels come to PlayStation in the future as I can see if you have the right amount of people or even with your friends, some more updates come, adding the mods that PC have, and have the time to waste, UNTURNED could be a game to come back to and have some fun with in the long run.

UNTURNED is out now on PlayStation. A review code was provided. To learn more about FunLabs, please visit their site.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to see what else I can craft and hopefully meet some other nice survivors.