According to VGChartz, we may have an idea on how the PlayStation 5 has performed, in terms of units sold, when compared to its biggest competitor, the Xbox Series X/S. Naturally, this isn’t anything official, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Compared to Microsoft’s estimated 2.24 million units sold, data suggests that the PS5 has gained an early lead through its first 6 weeks on the market, reportedly selling 4.19 million units in that timeframe.

VGChartz expounds further by estimating that Sony’s new hardware accounts for 46.9% marketshare worldwide, with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S following closely behind with 28% and 25.1% resepctively.

There’s tons of fascinating little anecdotes found in this piece. Sales are even broken and divided into how well each system has performed in various regions such as Europe, the U.S. and Japan through their respective launch periods.

Despite the staggered release in some markets, as well as the ongoing pandemic that has engulfed our world, the PS5 is still managing a pretty quick start to the new generation.

[Source: VGChartz]