Hello fellow Playstation-ers!? I, StormTrance, have returned from a prolonged break (well, it really wasn’t a break you see. A long time ago I asked The Brah to put me to sleep until the PS5 came out. Apparently, he was so excited for the release, he forgot about waking me up until recently). I’m here to give an update on the upcoming looter shooter Outriders.

February 25th will see a Demo released for Outriders. This is kind of great news! If you’re a looter shooter fan like me, you’ve probably been watching this one very closely. So far everything Square Enix and People Can Fly have said has sounded right and everything they have shown has looked good.

The game isn’t online only. The game has no microtransactions. You get the complete game when it’s purchased. And now, the Demo is actually good news to hear. You can try the game before you buy it to see if it’s actually what we are all hoping it will be. Even better, you can play the first few hours, try all 4 character classes, and carry your demo progress into the final game!

This news gives me even more hope that this game will meet or exceed the expectations we have in a looter shooter. But with recent game releases and issues, we shouldn’t be surprised if this also ends up a dud. I’m choosing hope. I hear Rebellions are built on hope.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!