As part of the end of year celebration for the world of gaming, there’s been a wide variety of Japanese developers expressing their love for 2020’s best, in interviews. Such places include, 4Gamer and Famitsu, which are beginning to publish their end of year messages from Japanese devs.

The consensus from Japanese devs on Ghost of Tsushima, has been extremely positive. With one in particular mentioning how the game actually inspired the team to take more leaps with their next title.

Katsura Hashino – end of the year message on 4Gamer:

The 2020 released game that impressed or shocked me the most: “Ghost of Tsushima. The game’s world is incredible. I didn’t have the time to play it much yet.But I was impressed by the developers’ know-how in making a game world feel fresh.”

Naoki Yoshida – end of the year message on 4Gamer:

Which game in 2020 were you most impressed by?: “Ghost of Tsushima. It’s overflowing with love for Kurosawa Akira’s work but the more I played the game, the more I thought, “how exactly did they create this?” and “why did they create it in this way?” I learned a lot from this game. It impressed me on so many levels!”

Keeping with the annual tradition, Famitsu conducts a industry wide survey in Japan to celebrate the plethora of incredible games that had released in the year. The survey polls and picks the minds of some of the most notable Japanese celebrities and developers to talk about their standout games of the year.

Ghost of Tsushima, by developer Sucker Punch, has received that honor this year by being voted Famitsu’s Game of the Year, making this the first instance of the publication awarding the honor to a western made game.

In total, the survey garnered over 132 votes, with Sucker Punch’s samurai epic earning the top spot. What’s even more impressive, is that Ghost of Tsushima managed to beat out both Animal Crossing New Horizon and Final Fantasy VII Remake, which came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The game resonated not only with fans in the west but also found a sizable audience in Japan. Earlier in the year, Famitsu reported sales figures which marked Ghost of Tsushima, the PS4’s bestselling first-party exclusive in Japan, eclipsing games like Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

[Source Twinfinite]