As I’ve said numerous times now, keep an eye on this game. Bleak Faith released today an all new gameplay trailer. I have found nothing but excitement for this game. The open world RPG is being developed by two people, yes two people. Take a look at the new trailer below and see if you agree.


Miso Vukcevic: Lead Developer, Artist, Writer, Sound designer.

Mirko Stanic: Co-Lead Developer, Programmer.


Cal Freundlich: Lead Composer.

Rade Vukcevic: Composer.

Core Features

Open world: The Omnistructure is a huge aspect of the game with a focus on an emergent narrative method coupled with more structured traditional moments. The world is a labyrinth creating a strong sense of curiosity. Outposts will serve as bases but you are never safe in the world of Bleak Faith.

Brutal Combat: Tight and Meticulously crafted combat that brings tempo and action. Robust with dangerous and adrenaline pumping combat. Nothing is easy but you can approach combat situations your own way with stealth, face-to-face, ranged, or technomancy.

Ecosystem: Simulated ecosystem of factions and AI groups. Inhabitants of the Omnistructure will compete among each other. They grow and expand. The food chain in the ecosystem will mold to every playthrough. The enemy will try to outgrow and outsmart not only you but the other inhabitants as well. Hunt and scavenge but know that you will never experience an area the same way because of the procedural nature of the ecosystem.

Survival: Fight against the odds and stay alive despite the ever-growing threat. Craft, scavenge, hunt and find ways to excel. Pick a class, upgrade stats, augment your character, create equipment and stay healthy. Resist the many afflictions present in the world. Use stealth and environment to your advantage and prepare before battle to shift the odds in your favor.