From Armature Studio’s comes a release window announcement of Where The Heart Leads with an all new “Choice” trailer. Set for Q2 2021 this PlayStation exclusive a narrative driven story about a man that will reevaluate his past decisions. You play as Whit Anderson a man that gets the chance most of us would love, the chance to change moments of his life. After tumbling down a sinkhole he finds himself in some sort of distorted reality. The question is, will Whit make the right choices? Perhaps some things are better left the way they were but that’s for you to decide.

I love narrative driven games that make your choices have consequences so Where The Heart Leads definitely has my attention for next year.

• Take the journey of a lifetime as Whit Anderson, an artist and would-be farmhand who retraces his steps as a child, parent, and elderly man

• Hundreds of choices across a 600,000-word script, equal to five novels and offering virtually limitless permutations

• Dozens of endings and hundreds of outcomes. For many choices, a consequence

Where The Heart Leads will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Q2 2021. What choices will you make? To get the game or not? Let us know what you think in the comments.