Since the PS5 has been released, there has been some mention of certain PlayStation VR games that may or would not work with trying to play them on the PS5. One of those games was 2017’s high-speed shooter DWVR. Now, it looks like the developer has not only gotten DWVR to have PS5 support, but also made some improvements including the following…

  • Upgraded game engine to work on the PS5.
  • Graphics settings are improved.
  • Running at 120 fps native.

Now, it’s great that DWVR is able to be played on the PS5 with PlayStation VR, To give you some idea of the power of the PS5 with the game, on the PS4 Pro, DWVR runs at 90 fps, but on the PS5, DWVR runs at 120 fps natively and will show an upgrade to the graphics which is very impressive.

DWVR is available on PlayStation VR on the PlayStation Store.

In case you missed out on DWVR or new to PlayStation VR and wanting to know what the game is about, check out the trailer and enjoy…