Shakedown: Hawaii, the successor to Retro City Rampage by developer Vblank Entertainment hits the PS5 next week, bringing with it a world of crime, punishment, and next-gen features. Did we mention 4X crossbuy?

That’s right! Buying it on the PS5 will grant you access to the PS5, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game! Also, if you own any version of the game you’ll get the PS5 version for FREE!

What about support for the DualSense controller? You better believe it!

Straight from the dev’s mouth:

Shakedown: Hawaii supports the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, giving the weapons a more distinct feel on PS5. It also delivers a whole new level of vibration, far beyond that of the PS4 version. Whether you choose to use the triggers or opt for the twin sticks, the enhanced vibration makes sure each action has that much more of a reaction.

The game will also receiving new trophies, including a platinum! Shakedown: Hawaii will also take advantage of the PS5’s activity cards, allowing you access to the game at blazing fast speeds.

Combine all of this along with the newest update and you have the definite edition of Shakedown: Hawaii, coming to the PS5 on December 15th.