Recent evidence, in the form of a leaked image and a Troy Baker transmission tease, looks to hint at a possible Kratos skin coming soon to Fortnite.

The God of War himself, is set to make an appearance in Fortnite’s Season 5 Chapter 2. Joining an already massive group characters, as well as some of the most recognizable names in all of pop culture, including The Mandalorian from Disney’s Star Wars franchise.

Although PlayStation doesn’t have its version of Nintendo’s, Super Smash Bros, this does open up the door for more PlayStation mascots joining this hub for pop culture crossovers. This certainly makes sense when you consider the relationship between Sony and Epic Games as of late, as well as Jim Ryan’s willingness to expand the PlayStation brand beyond the console.

Could we possibly see Joel and Ellie make their way to Fortnite? Aloy? Jin Sakai? Or maybe even the Hunter from Bloodborne?

Either way, this is just the right amount of ridiculousness for the cameo to be considered pretty cool. Now, I’m suddenly picturing Kratos running around with a machine gun and flossing and because of that, I’m completely sold.