With the holiday season in full swing and with the PS5 just recently launching with hard to find of the consoles thanks mainly to scalpers and bots (different topic for a different day), there is something that we all must want to think about and that is the very well possibility of a PS5 Pro. With Sony trying to meet the demand as quickly as possible and, some players may just have to get an IOU for their Christmas gift. But a new patent (check out the pdf file) that was filed at the end of January of 2019 with a publication date of July 2020 has some interesting aspects to it. First it mentions cloud gaming and the second is GPUs…not one, but two GPUs in what could be a very very impressive upgrade.

But what also is interesting is that more than one SoCs could be used to provide a more high-end version of the PS5. Meaning, more memory and more power with two APUs in its arsenal, the PS5 Pro is something that many of us should be very excited for. But think about it. We had the PS4, then PSVR, then the PS4 Pro which did help the PSVR. So if that track record still going to be in place and with all the other PlayStation VR patents that have been listed here, think about it for a moment if/when a PlayStation VR 2 comes about and you add an even more powerful PS5 Pro system with dual GPUs and more memory, how next level everything will become.

The questions then come of what the cost would be and the size among many others. The cost could very well be higher due to the amount of power that could be in the system. But if you have it too high of a cost, could you build a more powerful PC or by pricing it just right, how much more Sony would cut into the PC market. The size of the console would either need to be bigger to have that amount of power which would require more cooling. All I know is it is a great time to be a gamer.