Oh boy the hype is real. 2 Ton Studios has announced the release date for Unto The End. According to the devs the story is simple, get back to your family. The handcrafted combat-adventure will put your best fighting skills to the test. You need to be observant and figure out ways to defeat your enemies if you intend to survive. Check out the all new release date trailer below.

Key features

• One of a kind Read-React combat system. Read and react to opponents in side-on specific ways (high v low attacks, left right distance and seeing behind you).

• Player skill driven gameplay. The main character is alone and outmatched, success depends on the player’s smarts and skills.

• No health or stamina bars. Status for all characters is shown on-character through blood on clothes, animation and sound effects.

• All opponents are unique, intelligent and abide by the same rules and vulnerabilities as the main character.

• Environmental storytelling, with a handful of key “story moments” which allow the player to avoid conflict and violence.

• Strategic use of friendly fire, terrain (cliffs, walls and ledges) and environmental obstacles.

• Inspired by INSIDE, Another World / Out of this World and Punch-Out!!

This news has us very excited for the release on PS, Xbox, PC and Stadia December 9, 2020. What do you think about Unto The End? Let us know in the comments below.