Via Housemarque Games Youtube channel, we have a few morsels of new gameplay for upcoming PlayStation 5 game, Returnal.

During an interview with Game Director, Harry Kruger, on the HouseCast, we got to listen in on the general excitement brewing within Housemarque in anticipation of the next generation of PlayStation. As well as, looking back on Housemarque’s history with PlayStation, especially at launch, with games like Resogun and Super Star Dust HD releasing day one or close to the launch of the new hardware.

Looking ahead, the team also recognizes how big of an opportunity, Returnal, is for them and the pressure that comes with it.

When asked about his outlook for the upcoming generation, Kruger had this to say,

“Undoubtedly, this is a very exciting time for us. I think in many ways, Returnal, has been a dream project for many of us. Just having this, you know, almost once in a lifetime opportunity to break into this new creative chapter of our company while also being on a new platform, its a really rare opportunity. I’m super excited to see how things go.”

Kruger continues,

“Its a pretty bold endeavor for us, lots of ambition, lots of crazy ideas, you know that I never thought we would put into a game. It’s pretty exciting overall.”

Returnal, is a clear departure from what Housemarque has created before. The game represents a transition into the studio’s first title of this scale, especially compared to their previous work, yet the Housemarque identity of fast paced and frantic, bullet hell combat, is still present.

The game continues to look incredible and personally, I’m so happy to see a smaller studio, particularly, Housemarque, getting an opportunity to stretch their creative wings.