The Sony acquisition we’ve all been expecting to happen, might just be on the horizon.

According to a new rumor from user MarsioanRumpan on ResetEra, Sony and Bluepoint Games are currently engaged in talks of acquisition. The user makes mention of Demon’s Souls essentially acting as the “final test” which has given Sony all the confidence they need to pursue an acquisition for the Texas based studio to join their first-party portfolio.

Another point worth mentioning, seemingly Bluepoint values their independence and would like to eventually take a shot at their own original ip. They don’t want to solely be known as the team who does remakes yet their close relationship with Sony over the years makes them comfortable enough to entertain the idea of being bought out.

As all rumors should, this as well should be taken with a grain of salt, but Bluepoint Games joining Worldwide Studios makes all the sense in the world. From the Nathan Drake Collection, to Gravity Rush Remastered, to Shadow of the Colossus and now Demon’s Souls, the two sides have worked closely together for a number of years now.

The User claims his sources say to expect this to be announced before February as talks are just beginning to take shape. The mods on ResetEra weren’t able to verify to original users sources but they still allowed the post to go through. Possibly meaning they see some validity in this rumor as well. The idea isn’t too far from the realm of possibility, after all.

All signs point to this relationship being cemented, as an inevitability. It’s not a matter of if it’ll happen, but when.