Team Asobi’s Astro Bot is quickly become the charming mascot of the PlayStation Nation. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is one of the highest-rated VR releases to date, loved by both critics and gamers. Now Astros Playroom, the PS5 game that comes pre-installed on every console starting this Thursday, November 12th, is once again stealing the gaming hearts of everyone who has played it!

Designed to show off the features of the DualSense, Astros Playroom has blown away all those who have gone hands-on with the charming platformer. Don’t believe me? Watch the Accolades trailer below or read some of the reviews over at OpenCritic!

Want even more news about the Astro series? Creative Director of the game, Nicolas Doucet, teased that MORE news will becoming soon.

Astro will be back with news soon. Until then, have a great time with your PS5 and above all, stay warm and safe!

Another PSVR title? Or perhaps Astro’s Playroom 2?! Who knows! All we know is that the future is bright for our favorite bot! Astro’s Playroom will be the first game this Brah will play on his PS5. What about you, Brah?!