It all started with a dame…it always starts with a dame. When Santino “Sonny” Featherland received an unexpected visitor, he had no idea the trouble coming his way. Chicken Police Paint – It Red by developer The Wild Gentlemen is a Noir story driven game about two clucking chickens caught up in a case that will take them all over Clawville. The case you say? How about a case involving a mob boss named Ibn Wessler and girlfriend Natasha Catzenco. After Natasha receives threatening messages, she reaches out for the help of the famous Chicken Police. Sonny isn’t exactly a part of the police force at the moment and is soon to be retired. Yet, he can’t refuse the case but he knows going it alone would-be way too dangerous. It wouldn’t be easy because of their past but Sonny asks Marty MacChicken to join him for one last time.

Chicken Police is heavy with dialogue with its point and click style to help the two detectives investigate their surroundings. You will have the chance to meet a plethora of characters all coming to you as different animals. When interacting with other characters you will get a quick description of them and then if able you can have a little chat. Ya see some folks might be worth talking too in order to help move the case along while others help develop a backstory. If the person of interest is important to the case you can ask them questions or possibly interrogate them with a slew of questions. Make sure to check out your menu as you can find information on suspects, places and even dig into your bag find clues you might have picked up along the way. Or you might just find a bent cigarette in there, who knows.  

It’s an absolute delight to dig into a character’s mind and pull out the information needed. You must be careful though because if you ask the wrong questions then the suspect might not cooperate with the investigation. You should notice quickly how well put together the dialogue is in Chicken Police. Of course, it only gets better with the incredible voice acting. Each character in the game jumps out of the screen and gives you a performance to be proud of. Not only that but the development of the main characters is outstanding. Add in the humorous dialogue which sometimes can be borderline crude and you have yourself a well thought out story. 

Things move fast in Clawville my dear, things can move real fast. There are more than 30 places for you to visit each having an integral part to the story. This is where things can get a little tricky though. Taking certain paths can lead you to different characters or change the outcome of the story. The game does want you to make your own decisions and live with the consequences. Make sure that if you want to visit a location that you do it before moving on with the main story as it might lock said location afterwards. 

The voice over work is only amplified by the beautiful visuals. People might be turned off by the title Chicken Police but it isn’t all about the chickens. There are plenty of other animals involved in the making of the game and I was blown away by how great they look. Each new setting not only introduces you to fantastic characters but brings with it a stunning backdrop. As I’ve said before in these types of games you can really tell the care and love put into a game with how the backdrop is presented on the screen. It’s amazing and kudos to the devs. Of course, I couldn’t say all this without acknowledging the brilliant cutscenes in the game as well. You will find yourself experiencing drama, action and some tantalizing situations. I could watch Natasha on stage over and over again…meow.  

As you progress in the game you will also get the chance to piece parts of the investigation together with clues and suspects you have found. As the gritty Sonny Featherland narrates each choice you make the puzzle becomes a little clearer but you must remain sharp because in Clawvlille, not everything is as it seems. A word of advice from a couple of hardboiled detectives? Search each scene thoroughly as you never know what might be a clue. 


Chicken Police – Paint It Red not only exceeded my expectations but it blew me away with a clucking good story. I loved discovering a new character and getting to know more about them. The Noir style is perfectly balanced with its dialogue and music. It did feel that the story dragged a tad towards the end but that was only because I had figured out what was happening probably a little earlier than I should have. Also, some of the controls felt a little weird when trying to do things like dial the telephone or aiming the gun. These are minor hiccups in a stellar story with a wonderful cast of characters. Honestly, it was difficult for me to find any flaws with this game. If you enjoy Noir story driven games and don’t mind the point-and-click play style then I highly recommend picking it up. The legendary duo of the Chicken Police will live on and the game itself has easily become one of the best Indie titles released this year.

Chicken Police – Paint it Red is available now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Rating: 9/10