Chrono Sword by developer 21c. Ducks is a pixel art action adventure game about a time traveler named Aenor. The game boasts some pretty great looking combat with attack, dodge and shield being the focal point. Set in a fallen world Aenor will travel from past to present with a cast of colleagues. Knowing that your choices will change the outcome of the story already has me excited for this one.

Playtime is said to be 10 hours if you’re an expert with souls-like games but 20-30 hours for players like me (not good at souls-like games). You can see here the basics when it comes to combat.

• You can make your own combo by a combination of normal and strong attacks

• You can dodge enemy’s attack by quickstep, rolling or running away

• You can use your shield to block enemy’s attack or to parry it

Something that also grabbed my attention with the combat was, if you block with your shield for too long the enemy will attempt to disarm it. How awesome is that?!

There will be plenty to explore with 16 locations from the past and the present and get this, the world is non-linear with no loading times. It just keeps gets better with each word you read about the game. The world is gorgeous and the enemies appear to be fierce. Check out the main features.

• Incredible Atmosphere

The world, all the characters and effects are painted as gorgeous pixel art with dynamic lighting. Every character animations are so fluid in every directions. And the orchestral soundtracks let you immersive into the play. The most good thing is that you can enjoy the different side of past and the present in all of these.

• Deep Combat

The combat is based on attack, dodge and shield like Dark Souls, but there are also contextual actions like The Last of Us. You can fight like a skillful expert with combinations of basic actions and contextual actions, without memorizing long skill list. Every combat is intense and so fluid.

• Epic Story

You will be Aenor and will travel the past and the present of the fallen world. Your journey will be with charming colleagues, and your choice will make the change of story.

The game is currently expected to release in November of 2021 and with over 20k of its 50k goal already reached I would say this project is sure to get funded. There are 32 days still left in its campaign but I wouldn’t wait around if you plan to back the game. Check out some of the rewards for backing.

Beta access

Digital art book

Name in credits

Exclusive skin of Aenor

Exclusive title screen

Exclusive t-shirt

Exclusive poster

And much more…

Get updates from Twitter here @DavidSpaceDuck.

You can find more or back the game on their Kickstarter page here Chrono Sword Kickstarter .

The game is expected to release on Steam, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

What do you think of Chrono Sword? Interested in backing this project? Let us know in the comments and as always…Indie On Brah.