Seeing as how Mass Effect was one of the BEST trilogies from the 8th generation of gaming, fans of the series have been demanding asking for some kind of remaster or remake of the OG trilogy yet after 7 years, EA/Bioware just wouldn’t listen.

UNTIL NOW THAT IT IS!! In an announcement set for today to celebrate N7 Day, EA has F I N A L L Y revealed the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, set to release on consoles & PC next year. It will include the original trilogy along with ALL the DLC & promo items from all over space. Plus enhancements including better resolution at 4K Ultra HD FPS, textures. Did I forget to add it’ll be forward compatibility with the PS5 for further enhancements ? BRAH. YEAH.


That didn’t take long! Here’s the official announcement vid! Coming Spring 2021!

Here’s a screenshot of the page that Gamespot accidentally published early:

Once the official announcement is made, we will update this article with officially official information.