Over 18 million Tenno have played Digital Extremes’ Warframe on the PS4 and with the PS5 on the horizon, the next-gen version will soon arrive, with all the enhancements that you can shake a cyber-katana at!

Digital Extremes will soon be ready for PS5 owners with all kinds of upgrades such as:

DualSense support! Boom. Another one! Digital Extremes want you to know that Warframes will take advantage of both Haptic Feedback and the Adaptive Triggers.

Dynamic lighting thanks to new rendering technology! This new system will improve the look and feel of the world of Warframe, making your jaw drop like never before, while running at up to 4K and 60FPS.

Reduced load times! The example used by Digital Extremes cut times by almost 30 seconds! NICE.

Crossplay between you and your buds on the PS4! No Tenno is left behind! Play with your buddies no matter which PlayStation they’re on.

Support for the PS5’s Activities! Jump straight into matches and special challenges thanks to the PS5’s Activities feature!

Free PS+ Booster Pack! Celebrate Warframe on the PS5 with free in-game goodies.

Once a date is given for the update, we will let you know. For now enjoy this trailer that shows you everything we talked about in this article!