Are you ready for the next chapter in Capcom’s Resident Evil series? Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil Village brings back Ethan Winters and his twisted fate, as the darkness once again takes him on a path of death, revenge, betrayal, and horror.

Coming to the PS5 (and rumored to also be hitting the PS4!), Resident Evil Village’s PlayStation Store page was recently updated with some details that may or may not put a wicked smile on your face.

Dynamic 4K graphics w/ HDR along with ray tracing! No mention of 4K/60FPS, so we’re going to assume this is going to be a 30FPS affair on the PS5, unless Capcom drops a performance mode with a dynamic 4K resolution.

The SSD Strikes again with almost ‘no load times’! Cerny’s much beloved SSD will give REVill the power to (almost) completely dodge load times. Groovy.

Adaptive Triggers support! Boom, another one! Feel the ‘weight and pull’ of each weapon as you battle the forces of evil thanks to the DualSense’s AT.

Haptic Feedback support! Experience the feeling of firing A REAL GUN thanks to HF.

Tempest 3D audiotech on compatible headsets! Hear evil LIKE NEVER BEFORE! What was that behind you? Beside you?! Get ready to crap your pants thanks to the dynamic sounds of Resident Evil Village!

This Brah LOVES him so him Resident Evil, so my hype level is already through the mansion for this game. See you in early 2021!