One of the most popular F2P games in the world, Epic Games’ Fornite, will be available DAY ONE on the PS5 with a host of new updates AND DualSense support straight out of the gate.

Here’s all the official upgrades that PS5 owners will receive on November 12th/19th:

4K resolution at 60FPS! Enjoy Fortnite at 4K reso. with a buttery smooth 60FPS.

Dynamic visuals and physics! Ready to see a more ‘dynamic and realistic world’?? Grass and trees that react to explosions! New smoke and particle effects! Wait until you see the new-storm and cloud visuals.

DualSense controller immersion: Epic Games has taken full advantage of the DualSense controller. Thanks to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you’ll feel the difference between your favorite guns, making each one unique.

Select your favorite mode right from the PS5 home screen! One of the biggest advantages this gen is the death to load times. Thanks to the PS5’s UI, you’ll be able to jump straight to your favorite Fortnite match.

Split screen now supports 60FPS! NICE.

This is just the start, as some point in 2021 the team at Epic Games will update Fortnite to the Unreal 5 engine. So stay tuned, all you FortKnights, as more is to come!