One of Sony’s biggest gambles this upcoming generation is the DualSense controller. Rather than taking minimal steps with it, they went back to the drawing board to ensure that their next controller would offer Gamers next-level immersion on the PS5.

Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. Some have legit concerns that it could be another ‘Sony gimmick’ that’s largely ignored by devs. Others worry about the impact on the battery life. A big concern has come from disabled gamers. The adaptive triggers fighting back sounds great until you’re not able to enjoy such experiences to the full extent.

In a post about PlayStation’s accessibility options going forward, they confirmed that you will be able to adjust and even turn off BOTH of these highly touted features.

In addition, PS5 players will be able to reduce or disable the force of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the DualSense wireless controller. PS5 will also include improved audio enhancements to provide players with better spatial awareness.

The instruction pamplet that comes with the DualSense also states that you can disable these advanced features. Will you be turning off haptic feedback or the adaptive triggers?