Don’t let people try to fool you: Marvel’s Avengers was the second biggest launch ever for a super hero game behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, reportedly moving over 2.2 million digital copies since launch.

While the game is well on its way to being a commercial success for Square Enix, Gamers and Critics haven’t been afraidto give their mind on the matter. Is it fun? You bet! The biggest issue? The state of the game. Crystal Dynamics and their support teams are working quickly to fix what is wrong, player count is falling. New content has been delayed until next year along with the PS5 version of the game.

Now thanks to dataminers we have our first look at Black Panther and War Machine in the game. While Black Panther’s look is more of an armored appearance, you should remember that heroes of the game have a multitude of outfits available to unlock/purchase.

With team(s) committed to making Marvels Avengers one of the best GaaS around, I’m definitely going to give it another chance or three. Plus that upcoming Spider-Man DLC doesn’t hurt. Excelsior!