With the PS5 releasing in a matter of weeks, a lot of PSVR players will want to see how the PS5 will do with the current PSVR headset. But before you go all trying to connect the current PS4 camera or maybe you preordered the new PS5 camera thinking it work, there are some things you need to be aware of. First, the new PS5 camera will not work with the current PSVR headset. Second, you will need an adapter to get the current PSVR headset to work with the PS5, but the question is how to get these adapters.

It seems that Sony is still working on it, but the fact that it’s here and as simple as registering your breakout box serial number.

So try this link first .

If that link does not work, you can try this link, but when I tried to do mine, it would not take it. Hopefully, things will be working here in a few.