The game that keeps on giving is GIVING US MORE, BRAH! Hello Games has dropped a meteorite full of information regarding the FREE next-gen upgrade for No Man’s Sky on the PS5!

You ready? Here we go!

Fuller worlds! With thicker grass, more varied environments, more populated terrain, along with more detailed geometry.

Richer base construction! Now with taller and more complex buildings.

Saves transfer from PS4 to PS5!

32 player multiplayer! Gather up you and 31 of your closest friends to RULE THE DEEP, DEEP OCEAN OF SPACE!!

Crossplay for everyone! The PS5 and Xbox Series consoles with feature cross-play with every other platform that supports No Man’s Sky.

4K at 60FPS! Enjoy that buttery smooth frame rate at 60FPS on the PS5!

Adaptive triggers support for the DualSense! Feel space like never before with the adaptive triggers of the PS5’s DualSense controller.

PlayStation 5 3D Audio sound support! Hear the world(s) like never before thanks to the PS5’s 3D audio!

PSVR support thanks to the PS5’s BC!

Improved warp, start-up, and load times! ‘Nuff said, Brah!

ULTRA VISUALS! Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below!!

You can read more about the No Man’s Sky next-gen update along with patch notes for update 3.10 here.