During an interview with website Reuters, Jim Ryan was asked a number of interesting questions pertaining to the launch and future of the PlayStation 5.

One, particular question and subsequent answer, caught the eye of many gamers who have been eagerly awaiting any updates on this subject.

The article makes mention of Sony’s impressive line-up of first party studios, which includes Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio, Guerrilla Games, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch Productions and Media Molecule, just to name a few. Sony has built a reputation as a place that nurtures these first in class, slate of teams and it only makes sense that they would want to add to that.

Jim Ryan states:

Sony will continue to grow its studio capability organically

Ryan also adds that,

where we can bolster our in-house capability with selective M&A that might be possible.

The first quote isn’t that surprising as Sony has built a culture of helping to build up studios before acquiring them. The most prevalent examples of this occurring, being 2011’s purchase of Sucker Punch, who worked on a number of titles under Sony before being acquired. As well as, 2019’s purchase of Insomniac Games, who also fits under this bill of having an organic and close relationship with Sony before joining Worldwide Studios.

Now, in terms of who this quote could pertain to, the most likely candidates are either Bluepoint Games or Housemarque, as both of these studios have worked closely with Sony for a number of years. Both teams are gearing up for their latest releases under the PlayStation Studios branch, Demon’s Souls and Returnal.

There’s also signs pointing to Sony building another San Diego studio as well as a Malaysian studio from scratch to add to their first-party lineup which would also add to them growing organically.

The war for content quickly approaches and with this next-generation, it’s more imperative than ever to have a consistent stream of content for players to enjoy. Sony looks to ensure a barrage of quality content at a more steady pace than in previous generations.