Thanks to Greg Miller over at Kinda Funny Games, we now have a glimpse into how the trophy system on PS5 has changed.

For starters, when you unlock a trophy on PS5, you’ll now receive a short clip that leads up to the actual moment of unlocking the trophy. When compared to the PS4, you’d only receive a screenshot marking the exact moment the player obtains the trophy. On PS5, you’ll also be greeted by a nice banner at the bottom of the screen that displays the trophy level, images and name of said trophy, all in which will initiate the lead in.

All in all, this adds a little more flare to what was once, a rather quick acknowledgement of an in-game accomplishment. And, as Greg mentions, the implications that this can have for social media, looks very promising.

While this isn’t some world altering change, it’s nice to see an even greater effort has gone into ensuring that earning trophies on PS5 are more memorable than what they have been in the past. And this certainly won’t be the last change to the trophy system that the PlayStation 5 will introduce.