Good day to my fellow Spider-Brahs! Here we are under a month until Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales graces the PS4 & PS5, bringing with it the continuation of both Miles and Peter’s spectacular stories.

Today Insomniac Games dropped a partial trophy list for MSM: MM, as it looks as if it could be yet another obtainable platinum trophy from Sony’s stable of talented devs at PlayStation Studios.

Insomniac also reconfirmed that MSM:MM will have a separate trophy list for both the PS4 & PS5 versions. Meaning you could buy the PS4 version, get the platty, then with the FREE PS4 to PS5 upgrade, get another platinum trophy for all y’all trophy lovers.

Which version will you be getting when Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales swings to stores on November 12th?

Here’s the latest gameplay footage from Game Informer’s covery story featuring MSM:MM!