With the launch of the PlayStation 5 fast approaching, we’ve begun to see a slew of titles hit that milestone close to a month in advance. Games like Godfall went gold on September 17th, while Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales wrapped up earlier this month, on October 9th.

This of course has left many wondering, myself included, when we would see a similar announcement from Bluepoint Games declaring, they too had reached that milestone. Weeks passed without any form of announcement from Sony and concern grew over whether or not the highly anticapated game would even hit it’s November 12th date.

Well, thanks to twitter user @manfightdragon we can now put those concerns to bed.

This comes as a huge sigh of relief as now we can be assured that there won’t be any last minute delays for this highly anticipated remake of FromSoftware’s classic.

Demon’s Souls stands as one of the few games only available on the PlayStation 5, so a delay would’ve been a major blow. Lance also adds that he’s seen a few snippets of gameplay and that he’s “very happy with everything so far”. Coming from him, this definitely sounds reassuring ahead of the game’s release.