It wasn’t too long ago that gamers were teased with a picture of a Dualsense PlayStation 5 controller on Travis Scott’s lap. Now, it all makes sense as to why that happened. Weeks removed from that moment, today’s collaboration just fits like the last piece in a large puzzle.

Travis Scott and PlayStation have released a new promotional video together ahead of the launch for Sony’s next generation console, releasing next month.

Biggest takeaway from this video? It’s absolutely hilarious.

There’s no PS5 gameplay shown off, instead, the video features some engineers and designers at Sony folding their arms menacingly as their new custom nike shoes receive a close-up shot. The video then switches to Travis Scott himself, booting up the console as he literally gets blown away by it, as this dark, foreboding music blares through his entertainment center.

All done with a smile on his face of course.

This further cements that next-gen is within our grasp and Sony’s marketing is kicking into high gear. 2020 continues to be a year with peaks and valleys that I struggle to fully understand but this hilarious ad is undoubtedly a high point.

What a time to be alive.

The PlayStation 5 releases on November 12th and November 19th this year, launching with a $499.99 disc version and a $399.99 digital version.