The PlayStation 5 has finally begun arriving at the doorsteps of gaming journalists everywhere and with its arrival, we can expect a large rollout of impressions and new details.

Although we’ll have to wait until next week for such details, it does seem like we can gleam a few morsels from the box alone.

If you were wondering how to transfer data to your PlayStation 4, it looks like you have no reason to worry as Sony has you covered. Picked up on by Polygon’s, Samit Sarkar, the retail box of the PlayStation 5 has detailed steps on just how easy it is to bring over your profile data and more, to your shiny new hardware.

Sounds easy enough, no strings attached and no extra hoops you have to jump through. Just simply connect both the PS4 and PS5 to the same network, connect your extended storage from PS4 to PS5 and then sign into PSN on the PS5.

Then boom, you’re good to go.

And of course, gamers will also have the ability to carry over games as well as progression between systems.

Jim Ryan has said it before but its becoming more apparent as we inch closer to launch. The idea of wanting to bridge players from the old console to the new console quicker than they ever have before. These steps, to ensure PS4 players understand right from the start how their data will carry over, certainly supports that theory.