If you’re ready for the next chapter in the Guilty Gear saga unfortunately you’re going to have to wait 5 more months for Guilty Gear Strive when it arrives on the PS4 and PS5 come April 2021.

We do have some good, if not expected, news regarding the game though! A new FAQ on Arc’s site confirms that the will have a FREE PS4 to PS5 upgrade for those of us who’re lucky enough to find a PS5!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! The team at Arc Systems Works also let it be known that there will be cross-gen play between PS4 and the PS5 versions. Plus any DLC you might buy will carry over from both systems. Nice.

While some of this news was expected, it’s always double nice to receive confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. You can read the full FAQ here.

If you missed Giovanna’s reveal trailer, now is your chance to check it out!