Thanks to our lord and savior, the Burger King, gamers have finally gotten their first glimpse into the new PlayStation 5 user interface.

In all seriousness, this reveal comes by way of a surprise State of Play and there’s a lot to get through.

The usual bells and whistles will all be present in the user experience but this time, in a section dubbed the Playstation 5’s “Control Center.” Accessed, of course, by pressing the PlayStation button on the Dualsense controller. Here, gamers will have access to an assortment of different options. Some of which include, seeing which friends are online, receiving notifications, hopping into parties and checking on downloads.

Those Sweet New Features

PlayStation 5 UI

However, one of the Control Centers biggest differentiators between it and the Playstation 4, is a feature dubbed, Activities. Which allows gamers to, “discover new gameplay opportunities, go back to things you missed, jump directly into levels or challenges you want to play.”

Accessed through the Control Center, Activities basically acts as a way to provide helpful hints to players who are maybe stuck on a particular level. The Playstation 5 will estimate just how much time it thinks you have until you’ve completed a level and will also provide a list of objectives that still need to be completed.

The feature goes even further by adding a way for players to warp to a certain level to clean out those objectives. In addition to this, Game Help will also give players helpful videos or screenshots that will help guide them to a particular objective in little picture-in-picture frames, while you’re still playing.

This theoretically rids players the need of ever putting the controller down. Ensuring that the player is never taken away from the experience by providing an answer, normally searched online through a guide or YouTube video, right there in the game.

Activities and Game Help together are really cool additions and supports this idea of the Playstation 5 wanting to keep you firmly focused on the action. The need of having your eyes peeled away from said action, should in theory, be lessened. Personally, I think kids will absolutely run away with this addition.

Here’s a quick rundown of some details confirmed by the guys over at Digital Foundry who had early impressions.

  • The UI is 4K/HDR
  • Screenshots and videos are 4K
  • Switching between games takes less than 8 seconds.
  • “Game Help” does require PlayStation Plus
  • The PlayStation Store comes fully integrated into PS5

All in all, the additions seem worth note and definitely help support this idea of keeping people on the sticks for longer periods of time. Visually, everything looks well rounded and clean but most importantly quick to jump around between.

There’s still some things that need some further explanations but this is definitely a great initial step and I personally can’t wait for more. Thanks again to our benefactor, the Burger King, for setting all of this up for us!