Without any type of beta testing on the Gamers’ side, PlayStation firmware update 8.00 has arrived, bringing with it some changes, some freebies, AND some removal of features.

The party and messages features continue to grow closer: both apps will now use the same ‘groups’ across one another so you can now send a message or start a party chat from the same groups. This will also continue to the PS5.

More free avatars: that’s right! 71 FREE avatars have been added featuring some of your favorite characters from major PlayStation Studio hits.

Simplified parental controls: the internet is a scary place and PlayStation wants to keep the kids safe, right? Your kids can now send you an email asking for the ability to use certain communication features.

Further 2-step verification protection.

You can no longer create Events or Private Communities: say goodbye to Events as they’ll no longer be around once 8.00 hits. The ability to create private communities is going away BUT you can still access yours if you already have one.

Remote Play is becoming PS Remote Play; Will Work with PS5: good news! Remote Play is now PS Remote Play! Better news! It’s coming to PS5 on November 12th!

Now that the last big PS4 UI update is upon us, when can we get a taste of that PS5 UI, PlayStation?! OUR PATIENCE IS WEARING THIN!!