Burger King threw us all for a loop yesterday when the King himself opened a rather large BK bag only to be greeted with the PS5 jingle. The details regarding this latest gaming/fast food crossover appeared to have dropped early thanks to Newsweek!

Does Burger King’s food satis your taste buds? If so, then here’s how you could potential win a PS5, game codes, and much more starting on October 15th to November 22nd!

– Step 1. Register on the BK app or BK.com!

– Step 2. Buy a 2 for $5 combo OR spend more than $5 at participating locations through the BK app, BK.com, or in-restaurant.

– Step 3. You’ll receive a token that you need to redeem on the BK app or BK.com that’ll grant you a digital scratch off to win some BRAHsome prizes.

Once the official rules regarding the promotion go live, read about the ridiculously small chance you have at winning anything, but hey! Doesn’t mean gamers ain’t gonna try!