On Friday, PlayStation finally detailed their plans for backwards compatibility on their upcoming next generation system. The blog post lays out their how PS5 will handle cross saves, which titles won’t be backwards compatible with the system and also some information on the PS5’s boost mode.

Questions arose of who would support these features and now we are seeing some of Sony’s first party coming out to show their involvement.

Naughty Dog took to twitter to announce that all of thier PlayStation 4 titles will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5.

This comes as great news, especially knowing that we can assume that most of the titles will probably receive some sort of enhancement with the PlayStation 5’s boost mode. This will result in some titles receiving higher framerates, better resolution and even quicker load times.

Although the backwards compatibility doesn’t reach as far back as some would like, this kind of preservation of gaming history is still appreciated. Personally, the Jak series is calling my name and I cannot wait to see what kind of enhancements those games have receive, if any.

And even if the game doesn’t receive anything substantial with use of the boost mode, its incredibly reassuring to know that Jak and Daxter, Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, Joel and Ellie will all be accessible on the PlayStation 5.