The developers behind the recently released, Concrete Genie, seem to be full speed ahead for their next game.

Concrete Genie PlayStation 5

A post on LinkedIn has shown that PixelOpus is currently on the hunt for a Senior Game Engineer Programmer and a Gameplay Programmer. The post then goes on to mention that they’re hiring for a “new and exciting PlayStation 5 adventure”.

The post specifically mentioning new would lead credence to the team possibly working on a new ip all together but a sequel to Concrete Genie, can’t be ruled out just yet. With that said, Concrete Genie implemented the Dualshock 4 a lot within the core gameplay and with the emergence of the Dualsense, expect tons of new possibilities to open up for their next game.

Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Games, all represent the PlayStation Studios that typically get all of the attention and accolades. But the smaller studios, like Media Molecule, Japan Studio and now PixelOpus, are usually the ones who create the more quirky, unique titles.

Those teams provide a nice variety to the first-party staple and deserve just as much recognition as the big ones. It’s nice to see that PixelOpus is expanding and Sony looks to be investing in them more. These sorts of weird, experimental titles of generations past, were sorely lacking during the PS4. So, this is a hopeful sign that we’ll get to see them spotlighted more for the PlayStation 5.