After Ghost of Tsushima: Legends was announced at the August State of Play, we were left wondering when exactly we would get our hands on it. Wonder no longer, because the PlayStation Blog announced that it is coming out October 16th. Along with the release date, Sucker Punch gave us new screenshots and boatload of information to digest.

The October 16th release date was sooner than I anticipated, and it’s an even bigger update than you might think. Version 1.1 of Ghost of Tsushima will give the players new cooperative modes to choose from and a new game+ mode.

Survival mode let’s you play with 3 other players. It’s sounds exactly like your usual wave based combat, where each wave gets progressively harder the longer you last. You’ll earn rewards depending on how long you survive.

There are also new story cooperative story missions to play. Gyozen, a new character in the game, will be waiting for you to talk to him in various towns on the map. This will be a two-player mode.

The last cooperative mode is the raid. You can play this with 3 other players as well, and it’s a multi-part adventure. The way they talk about it on the PS Blog, it seems like this might be an adventure you’ll want to wait to play for higher gear.

These cooperative modes don’t make you play as a bunch of Jin Sakais. Instead, you get to choose between 4 different classes: Ronin, Samurai, Assassin, and Hunter. Each one has a unique playstyle that caters to their strengths.

You’ll rank up the more you play, and will get more charms as you level up. You’ll also get better gear as you take on harder challenges. It sounds similar to a lot of GaaS, and I’m okay with that since it’s a free update.

The last bit of news they announced is the addition of New Game+. You’ll be able to keep all your gear and start a fresh journey, if you are eager to play through the campaign again. To entice players to give it another go, Sucker Punch is adding new trophies to unlock and a new type of flower to collect. This flower can be turned into a new merchant that offers even more cool aesthetic changes to Jin’s outfits.

All in all, this is a pretty hefty update. Whether you like co-op or single player content, there is something there for everyone. Let us know your favorite part of the update! Personally, I can’t wait to get that high gear and slay some foes in the raid.

If you would like to get any more details on the update, click here.