Back in June’s Playstation 5 Showcase, developer Housemarque revealed their first foray into AAA gaming with, Returnal. One of the most anticipated Playstation 5 exclusives revealed for the next generation but the game has been relatively silent since its big announcement.

That all changed today with a blow out of new information coming directly from the Playstation site. The game’s official PS5 page has added new screenshots and details to add a bit more context as to what we can expect from this new franchise.

Returnal New Information

Gameplay wise, the site gives us a ton of new information. We now know that Returnal will indeed feature bullet hell combat, much in the vain of Housemarque’s previous titles like Matterfall. The catch this time around, the game has a third person shooter perspective with its rogue like elements “designed for extreme replayability”.

The concept of this alien planet changing, procedurally each and every time you die and having to start from the beginning but also having to scavenge resources and acquire upgrades to help you in future cycles, sounds really interesting. Just how varied can this world be? This will surely make each and every run extremely tense, but also fascinating to see how far and how much you can explore before you inevitably get sent back to the beginning.

Returnal New Information

Additional information pertaining to the game’s narrative has also been revealed, specifically mentioning Selene’s mission to piece together her fragmented memories. The site states: “After crash-landing on this shape-shifting world, Selene must search through the barren landscape of an ancient civilization for her escape. Isolated and alone, she finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again, she’s defeated – forced to restart her journey every time she dies.”

The game is shaping up as Housemarque’s coming out party. Fingers crossed the team can deliver because so far its looking damn good.