Bloomberg reported earlier this year that due to overwhelming demand that Sony was ready to increase the production of the PS5 by early 2021.

Now Bloomberg Japan is reporting some not some positive news: Sony’s goal of 15 million PS5 consoles by March 2021 is most likely not going to happen thanks to production yield issues regarding their SOC (System on Chip). According to the ever elusive ‘anonymous sources’ the yield of SOC has been ‘sluggish at 50%’ and ‘has to be reviewed’. Sony declined to comment. They also took a 3.1% stock hit after this news hit.

With the massive amount of demand that the PS5 is receiving, this has to be the worst case scenario for their 2021 plans. They have 9 console exclusives ready to roll out in their launch year to entice gamers to make the jump to the next-generation of PlayStation. They want every console they can get into our grubby hands.

So get ready. IF PS5 pre-orders go live by the end of this month, you better have that credit card ready to secure yours, Brah!