Nothing has changed with my love for pixel art games and you better believe this one shows off some great art. There is no light is a hack and slash action-adventure RPG. When the gates of Central Station open and creatures appear everything changes. That is when The church of the great hand shows up and takes control of the city. The head of the church known as ‘The Father’ decides that every few years they will sacrifice newborns as they take the infants out the gate into the unknown.

Of course this is where the main character comes in as his child is chosen for sacrifice. He will do anything to stop the ritual and save his child. The game looks amazing with fast paced combat and demonic creatures to fight.

The game will no doubt get funded with 95% reached and still 24 days to go. Don’t fret though as there are still plenty rewards to gain with backing the project.

For $25 you get:

•Backer role on discord

•Receive updates

•Digital copy of the game

•Your name in the credits

•HD wallpapers (PC and Phone)

You can also get amazing rewards for spending some more like digital artbook, Alpha/Beta access, DLC skin for hero’s companion, your name in the hall of fame and much more.

The game is expected to come to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in Q3 of 2021.


•  Ashes of the Old World – Visit human settlements and unearthly ruins to uncover the secrets of the past.

•  Fight to Survive – Blast your way through hordes of various enemies.

•  Filled with Rage – The Rage system forces you to slay your opponents quickly and efficiently.

•  Danger lurks in the Shadows – Encounter chthonic and horrific bosses.

•  Weapons of the Underworld – Develop your own combat style with a vast weapon arsenal and unique special abilities.

•  Non-linear Narrative – Explore the story the way you want.

•  Good Intentions – Your actions and decisions affect the world.

You can check out more details of the game here There is no light Kickstarter .

You can also play a demo here There is no light demo.

Check out the amazing and brutal trailer.