We reported three months that those ‘Minecraft VR on PSVR rumors’ had once again reared their blocky heads to the joy of many Minecraft fans. The official PlayStation Blog is celebrating the PlayStation VR this week and the first official announcement? Minecraft VR is coming to the PSVR later this month as a FREE UPDATE!!

Roger Carpenter of Mojang broke the news today that Minecraft VR is coming to the PSVR, letting it be known there’s two different modes: ‘Immersive’ and ‘living room’. There will be several settings that you can adjust to fit your style of play. The odd part? That the game only supports the DualShock 4 as of this moment. Perhaps Move controller could be a future update OR this could add fuel to the fire that Sony will introduce new motion controllers in the near future.

SkyBox Labs, Mojang, and Sony have been working on this patch to give PlayStation gamers this free update gifting them the ultimate Minecraft experience. Will you be downloading this patch?