Last night at 12:00AM PT, the Marvel’s Avengers beta came to end, as the team(s) prepare for the official launch on September 4th OR September 1st, if you go with the Deluxe or Earth’s Mightiest editions, which grants you 3 day early access.

Today’s launch trailer is here to continue the hype that some of us had while playing the beta the past three weekends of August. Was it perfect? Certainly not. Is the groundwork there for something good? Totally. The game we play in September 2020 will pale in comparison to the game we play in September 2021. Hopefully. No way Square Enix will let this game fail.

Oh, the launch trailer also reminds you that Spider-Man is coming exclusively to the PS4 & PS5 at some point in 2021. Excelsior, Brah!