Already beat Marvel’s Iron Man VR? Or have you been waiting to add it to your collection? Then today is your lucky day, Iron Brahs!

Developer Camouflaj has dropped a HULK BUSTER of an update today, bringing with it all kinds of improvements & new content!

Update 1.06:

Two new modes: The ‘much requested’ New Game+ and Ultimate difficultly setting. Play through the game again with all of your previously earned gear and skills once you’ve completed the game. Ultimate difficulty will put your Iron Man skills to the test!

Four new weapons! Continuous beam repulsor, EM charge cannon, micro swarm, and the gravity bomb have all been added to Tony’s arsenal to unlock.

8 new custom Armor decos have been added along with challenges to unlock them.

QoL improvements: load times have been decreased across the entire game, with major differences (by 20 to 30 seconds!) in the Shanghai missions.

You’ll now be able to skip cinematic cutscenes once you beat the game. Two side missions, based on feedback, have been made skippable. You will *still* need to beat these stages to earn the trophies though.

You can watch short vids showcasing the four new weapons here. Wondering if Marvel’s Iron Man VR is for you? Then fly on over to our review to see why we gave it an 8!