What if the one thing most of us take for granted everyday, the sun, didn’t shine and the world has frozen over? What if the fight that is being fought caused any resources, weapons, even vehicles to attempt to escape, scarce? What if the ones that you considered your friends were the same ones that would turn against you? What if the word trust lost all of its meaning? Questions like these are asked especially in the world that we are in. But does Developer Recotechnology show what it would could be like as part of the cold war where there is no light, but hope is still present? Let’s find out with 1971 Project Helios for the PlayStation 4.

1971 Project Helios is a turn-based strategy RPG game. The setting of a world that once was and now in post-apocalyptic times that works well. The story has eight characters who will need to join forces of finding a very important scientist that has been kidnapped by a massive stratocracy. But it won’t be easy as you will need to try and avoid any raids (some you can’t), investigate military headquarters, and at times (many times) walk into danger in hopes that your strategy skills and hopes that your characters survive (more on this in a few moments) in order to discover one of the three endings based on the decisions you make.

1971 Project Helios really has parts to it. For one is the exploration aspect of the game. Here, not only will you be trying to scavenge for items as well as trying to unlock new abilities to try and increase the characters that join you. The second one is the combat. And at times, regardless if you are ready for it or not, the only way to be able to proceed is to fight in the battle. But you have to be careful how you go about the battle. Each characters has points that can be used. This may be from a point being used to move to a couple of points for a headshot or even use overwatch which if you are using, if the enemy moves while it’s their turn, you can open fire at them.

Earlier I mentioned about hopefully your characters survive. Being this is turn-based, chances are that some of your characters either will take damage or knocked out. If they get knocked out, they cannot be used for when it’s your turn. If they die and after the enemy’s turn, then for the most part, the round is over and you have to restart that round. This is where I had a problem and maybe it was designed this way, but if I have a character and they are on their last life and I move them away in behind obstacles, it seemed like the enemy on many occasions (not all) would just pin point them out and kill them off even though I had another character with more than enough health in their way, the enemy still ended up having incredible aim and killing my character that I am sure has issues due to the lack of vitamin D from the Sun, even thought she was hiding and had plenty of coverage. Luckily, depending on the situation, the character may be able to get revived which I am glad this ability was added, but being revived does not give you full health, so be careful with your second opportunity at life. But it’s not only the enemy that can fire or hit you, but the enemy of the cold that can take a toll on you as well.

Another issue I had was when I played my first hour and waited for everything to load, I went to the main menu just to make sure the saved portion was there. I came back the next day, and it was gone. This happened about two times, but after the second time, I used the save feature to the cloud just to be on the safe side The only other problem I had was moving the cursor around some parts of the battle outline. There was three times that I couldn’t move the pointer forward, I had to actually had to backtrack and go around the obstacle in order to get where I wanted it to be.

I do want to talk about the story for a moment as I am glad there is one. It does help set the tone, but it is typed out with no vocals and after playing I realized it doesn’t need the vocals to have an impact. With the music from Xabi San Martin who is the keyboardist and composer for the Spanish Band “La Oreja de Van Gogh” and the story being told, it is a good combination as you learn what is going on and what exactly you must do.

One of the things I wish that was added is when the dialog between the characters is happening, the cards at the top left that represent each of the characters does not switch between the different characters along with the dialog. The other thing I wish was added would be the ability to play this in Virtual Reality. I think if that could be added to give that extra sense of depth and actually transport you into the world, could take it to the next level.

With the very few issues I experienced (hopefully the save issue will be addressed with a patch), my time with 1971 Project Helios was a fun. It makes you think about how you will go in the situation and if the first or even second time doesn’t work, don’t give up and keep trying. It’s when you start to learn about the characters and what each one of their strengths and weaknesses are, that you start to realize that the way you go about thinking about the situation, may need to be altered some in order to achieve the goal at hand. And once you learn the story, the characters, and how to strategize and plan accordingly, that’s when 1971 Project Helios starts to shine and give back.

1971 Project Helios is out now for PlayStation 4. A review code was provided. To learn more about Recotechnology, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to go see what else is to be discovered.