For the love of pixel art let me introduce you to Ash an ordinary girl lost in a mysterious spirit world. Ashina: The Red Witch a top-down horror themed story-driven adventure game is a canon prequel to ‘My Big Sister’. The classic look and dark horror style blends well together.


• A unique and thrilling story.

• New and exciting characters. As well as some returning characters.

• Adventure like puzzles throughout the game to help keep your mind at its wits.

• Extra character dialogue options to delve into some of the lore surrounding the game’s universe.

• Mini-games.

• An original soundtrack + remixes soundtrack.

• Achievement + trophies as well as an in game trophy system.

With twelve days left Ashina is around 50% funded. The game will initially release on PC and will be ported to consoles at a later date.

Check out some of the rewards below.

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Alpha beta testing

Early Access Key

• All Pervious Rewards

In game pixel portrait of yourself

• Pixel Art Portrait

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• Game Soundtrack

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Ashina: The Red Witch is estimated to release mid-2021 or early 2020 depending on stretch goals met. Check out the Kickstarter here Ashina: The Red Witch.

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