Welcome to the land of the lost or at least that’s how it feels. By now you’ve probably heard of Grounded with it’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids premise. I’ve been on a tear ever since release and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. The larger than life insects are not to be taken lightly in this game and even though the survival aspects are mild, you can still find yourself in big trouble real fast.

Kind of like the new puppy that came into our lives recently I am in love with this one. Grinding for gear and base building hasn’t felt this fun in a long time. I enjoy survival games at an alarming rate. For instance Conan, DayZ and Citadel are up there with some of my all time favorites. Maintaining food and hydration is a big part of any survival game. Although some games go more in depth, Grounded makes up for it with its sheer size of obstacles. Seriously the insects are insane. I’m pretty sure this game has removed a few years from my life.

With four different characters to choose from you’ll get a chance to have them all eaten at some point. Grounded doesn’t stop with the viscous insects though as the base building is fun as previously stated. Being able to lay out a blueprint of what you want to build and then see what materials you need is exquisite. So far I’ve been able to build on the ground but those pesky bugs seemed to learn where my base was located. Within a few days the ants where raiding my storage containers. Then came the larva, destroying my foundation over and over again. The last straw though was when a giant spider decided to visit and mark his territory with webbing. I decided it was time to move. I found a large almost flat rock up off the ground. It was perfect.

What makes things even more interesting is there isn’t a leveling system to gain new items or perks. You have to discover these things by way of analyzing items or by other means that I won’t say for spoiler purposes. Unlock armor, higher tier tools and more building materials. So in short, you must adventure in order to progress in the game.

The map is large enough to get lost in and I’m not sure if they intend to expand but it does appear they might have room for it. Of course the biggest drawback on the game is that it isn’t finished. Yes that’s correct. A game that has already exceeded my wildest expectations isn’t even a finished product. I would understand someone’s hesitation with a game that isn’t completed but the developers already appear to be releasing new content this month. The story is done within the first hour of playing but it leaves you wanting more. Normally this would bother me but there is so much to do outside of the story that I can wait. That is if a big spider doesn’t eat me first.

Grounded hit the milestone of 1 million players in 48 hours and if the developers can release not just any old content but fun content in the near future I think the hype train will continue. Now excuse me, I have to get back to the game. I’m working on ladybug armor and these berries definitely will not find themselves.

I’ll have updated articles when new content is released.

Grounded is available on Xbox One and Steam early access for $29.99 or Xbox Gamepass.