One of the coolest ways that the family of PlayStation Studios celebrate almost every major release is by producing artwork starring the main characters of the newest game along with their respective main characters. This tradition continues with Ghost of Tsushima!

Naughty Dog, creators of such PlayStation series as Uncharted and The Last of Us gave us an idea of what Jin and Ellie kicking ass might look like!

Deacon can take down hoardes of Freaker, so some Mongols don’t stand a chance when he teams-up with Jin to make things right in this piece from Bend Studio, creators of Days Gone and Syphon Filter.

Ashe and Jin go for a ride in this piece by Pixelopus.

Media Molecule went the extra mile, using Dreams to create an ‘homage’ to Jin’s journey to reclaim Tsushima from the Mongols.

We hope this tradition continues when the next-generation of PlayStation arrives this fall!

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