1. It’s Ember Lab’s First Game

Some may perceive this to be a bad thing, but I always find it exciting to see new studios come out with a game. Sure, it’s a little bit more of an unknown, but with new studios come new ideas. Just from watching the reveal trailer, you can see this studio has a lot to show/prove.

2. You Get to Build an Army of “Rots”

C’mon, why would this not excite you? Those little furballs give you new abilities to help restore the world. So not only do you get the satisfaction of finding them, but they are also going to be very helpful. I can’t wait to find each one of them and tinker with the new abilities they give me. I just need them to give me a button for a group hug in the final game.

3. It Fits the PlayStation Portfolio

If you are reading this, you are more than likely a fan of PlayStation’s first party offerings. This game looks to have an interesting story, a fun gameplay loop, amazing graphics, and fluid animations. It’s everything we love about PlayStation’s first party games. I feel like this game has the charm of LittleBigPlanet or Concrete Genie, the graphics and animations of Ratchet and Clank, and the story telling of a Naughty Dog game. This game has everything I’m looking for.

4. The Combat

Making an action game is no easy task, and there are few who master it. I’m still unsure how the combat will translate in this game, but the 30 seconds we saw of Kena battling monsters looks like they know what they are doing. I loved the splash effect of the bow, the quick strikes with the staff, and even a simple parry looked outstanding.

5. The Art Style

What’s not to love about the art style of this game? It looks just as good as any Pixar movie that I’ve seen. The environments are lush with foliage and Kena’s character model looks like she could be the next Disney princess. The game also has wide color palette that really makes everything pop.  If you tell me this game doesn’t look good, then I know you are a liar. This all makes sense given Ember Lab’s previous work on short films. Go check out the Majora’s Mask short if you haven’t already!

What do you guys think of Kena: Bridge of Spirits? Did the two-minute trailer make your jaw drop?

Let us know in the comments!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits comes out Holiday 2020. My spirit is ready!