Prime 1 Studio is at it again! They’ve teamed up with PlayStation to offer fans incredibly super detailed statues of Aloy and a Stalker to showcase to all of your fellow gamers.

But there’s a catch. If you’re familiar with P1S products, then you know they’re some of the highest quality statues you can get. However, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for them.

Aloy is decked out in the Shield Weaver armor, looking like a badass as she readies to release an arrow straight at the Stalker. She stands 27” tall and comes with two different bows and arrows. $1,099 for this PlayStation Icon. Pre-Order her here!

The silent assassin known as the Stalker is 26” tall, is uber detailed, comes with two different set of LED eyes, and wants nothing more than to end Aloy’s journey. His price? $1,199! Pre-order it here!

I’ve included a few photos of each statue below, along with YouTube videos showing off each figure. These don’t release until the 4th quarter of 2021, so all your super-fans have some time to save all that money up AND enjoy the sequel on the PS5!