If you were there back on June 11th during the PS5 reveal then you already know Insomniac Games stole the show as they unveiled Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to the gaming world.

The newest member of the PlayStation Studios family of developers kicked ass and took names with their duo of PS5 titles, as R&C:RA surprised longtime fans of the series and might have made those who have never given the series a chance before reconsider their taste in gaming!

In this newest video Creative Director Marcus Smith talks about how his new project takes advantage of the PS5 to give gamers the ultimate Ratchet & Clank experience.

The DualSense controller will make you feel the insanity of the series love for insane weaponry. The team at Insomniac Games plan on using the DualSense to elevate your experience that much further than ever before.

He also talked about harnessing the power of the PS5’s screaming-fast SSD, because there ain’t no way in hell your changing levels on the fly like we’ve saw in the reveal trailer on the PS4.

Marcus also talks about the 3D audio tech and much more. You can tell Mr. Smith is excited about his team’s upcoming project and can’t wait for the PlayStation Nation to play it!